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If you have a WordPress site, you might have seen the server failure or data corrupt or the loss of the data in some circumstances, hardware failures, ‘mistakes by human’, that affects or hinders your site. Hackers can also compromise your site. You employ loads of time in designing, customizing and managing your website. So think how annoying it will be, if you lose all your data by something or by those failures! Keeping all these things in mind it is very necessary to back-up your WP-files and all the vital data or information at the regular routine. With also keeping the fact in the mind about the failure, a recovery point must be created at the distinct intervals so as to prevent much loss during server failure or hardware failure.

WordPress Global Support’s tips for your ‘Back-up And Recovery’ :-

Few useful suggestions from our WordPress Helpdesk teams that can be handy for your website.

  • There are many ways to you can create Back-ups either by using the online back-up plug-in that enables to take complete back-up of your database or files or both, or by using manual back-up. Restoring depends upon you how you have created the backup files.
  • Frequently Back-up your WordPress website databases and files when you install something new.
  • Keep the WordPress backup files in different places or forms, like in email, external hard disk or sources like cloud storage (Google drive, Drop Box, etc.).
  • Use good and better quality equipment, high memory system, anti-virus, adequate power supply, a good RAM space and care for it well to prevent hardware failures.
  • Human error mistakes must be minimized as sometimes people can omit important step in designing or managing the websites, may enters the wrong data or accidentally delete the data. But along with this ongoing backups must be created as it is equally important to do so.

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